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Crawl Space Repair

Does your crawl space show signs of mold? Are the floors of your home sinking in certain areas? These issues are most likely related to a wet crawl space.

If your crawl space problem involves the crawl space's structure rotting, then it isn't able to hold up as much weight as it should be able to. This signifies that the weight of your house is unevenly dispersed over your crawl space.

If you encounter problems in the crawl space area, contact The Basement Doctor WV. We fix several issues in the crawl space including:

Wet Crawl Space

Whenever there is water within your crawl space, more than likely there is a problem with draining the area of water. This issue can be resolved by installing a reliable sump pump. A reliable sump pump that can divert water away from the crawl space can prevent many issues from occuring. Letting it sit for a very long time may also result in other issues like a destabilized foundation, molds, and mildew.

Insect infestation

Dark and moist areas like a crawl space are breeding grounds for insects. Termites need only two things to thrive in an environment: cellulose material such as wood, and moisture. By encapsulating the crawl space area with the WhiteCap vapor barrier, this will prevent water from pooling in the area.

Moist Air

When there is moisture beneath the house, the air gets moist and heavy. This is not just limited to the affected area as air goes up to each and every area of the home. This can lead to mold growth for areas of high humidity.

To dehumify crawl spaces, we install SantaFe dehumidiers. Specialized design for operating in the crawl space, this unit stops mold spores and particles down to 1 micron in size.

Increased Energy Bills

There are many reasons why your energy bills are rising such as poor insulating material, or inappropriate use of appliances. An insulated crawl space can help reduce the use of the HVAC system, and in turn help you save on the energy bill. For our crawl space insulation jobs, spray foam is the preferred method of insulating the crawl space area.

Sloping floors

Yet another indicator that you'll require a repair is whenever the flooring surfaces and wall surfaces in your house slope or droop. Sloping floors are an indication of a destabilized foundation due to water damage.

To fix this, we install PowerPost® Crawl Space Stabilization System. The PowerPost is an extremely high strength, adjustable steel column designed specifically to stabilize or raise sinking and unlevel floors over crawlspaces.

Please contact The Basement Doctor WV at 1-877-620-8165 or using our online form to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on crawl space repair. We provide repair to the following areas: Parkersburg, Ravenswood, Charleston, Huntington, Scott Depot, Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Weston, Wheeling, Beckley, and surrounding areas of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

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