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Freeze Protection

Is Your Sump Pump Discharge Line Going To Freeze?

Freeze Relief

The No. 1 cause of basement flooding in the winter is blocked or frozen discharge lines. As temperatures drop, water freezes and turns to ice. Combine that with the plows that push snow against your discharge line at the street, and the water being pumped out of your basement has no way to exit. The result is a flooded basement. The pain of losing precious belongings from flooding, along with the expensive cleanup, causes undo stress on the homeowner. But don’t worry, The Basement Doctor WV has a solution called the Freeze Relief.

Since its inception, we have been installing a Freeze Relief on the sump pump discharge line of every West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio home we install a waterproofing system on. The Freeze Relief is maintenance-free, which means there are no plugs,valves or hoses. Homes without the Freeze Relief are at a major risk of flooding during the winter months. If you want to have the peace of mind you deserve, schedule a free consultation today.

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