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eShield Attic Thermal Insulation & Radiant Barrier

Before eShield Installed

Before eShield

Did you know that an attic can be responsible for up to 45 percent of the home’s heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer? In fact, all of the air you are losing through your attic means your air conditioner and heater are working overtime in the summer and winter to make up for it, and this is costing you money!

Before eShield Installed

After eShield

Although many homes have fiberglass or another type of attic insulation, they still don’t protect you completely from the outside temperature or from those high energy bills. But, we can help! Our eShield thermal insulation and attic radiant barrier will protect your home from air loss and put more money in your pocket by keeping the temperature of your home completely independent of what’s happening outside— whether it is extreme heat or several inches of snow and ice.

The benefits of our radiant barrier system

eShield scientific illustration

In addition to poor insulating materials like old fiberglass or cellulose insulation, another reason for air eShield scientific illustration loss in your attic is radiant heat transfer. Our system protects your home against 97 percent of radiant heat transfer by using a highly advanced foil laminating technology. Rather than absorb the heat and hold it, eShield actually reflects it. This keeps your home comfortable year-round. With eShield installed, you will experience consistent temperatures throughout your home, avoid uncomfortable drafts, and say goodbye to high heating and cooling bills. It’s time to make your house an energy efficient home.

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