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Egress Windows and Window Wells

What is an egress window and why do I need one?

An Egress Window is a type of window that provides an exit in the event of an emergency. Typically the only way in and out of your basement is the stairs. By installing an egress window in your basement, your home has a secondary escape route if there is a fire or other emergency. By law, if your basement is turned into a bedroom it is required to have this window installed.

Benefits of having an Egress Window

Egress windows are great additions to your home. They can provide three essential elements that will give any homeowner peace of mind:

  1. Safety Egress windows can be an alternate escape route in the event of a fire, or any other scenario that would cause you to have to evacuate your home.
  2. Increase your home's value Yes, adding an egress window can increase your property value. Now that’s a win/win for anyone looking to add to their home and possibly reap a little extra in the end.
  3. Design/Personality Element We have different styles you can choose from to fit the personality of your home. You can let the sunshine in with the natural light coming through your window, all while having a window worth looking at!

What size requirements for an egress window?

Eggress Window with Well

The window size must be a minimum height of 24 inches and a minimum width of 20 inches.

Is an egress window required by law in all homes in Ohio?

Having an egress window installed is only required if the space has been converted into a bedroom or other living area where someone sleeps. Having this type of windo installed provides an additional exit in the event of an emergency. If the space is only used for an office, storage, playroom, etc then an egress is not required.

Egress Window Wells

The Basement Doctor offers egress window wells for homeowners in Ohio. We carry a wide variety of egress window wells such as stakWEL®, RhinoWells®, and StoneWell featuring stairs or a terraced step lining that can easily be climbed up to reach ground level. These window wells are designed to stop your basement from losing heat, or letting it in.

For more information on the egress window wells we offer, give us a call or schedule an appointment online for a free estimate!

What Brands do you offer?

Stakwel Egress Well

stakWEL® Egress Well

The stakWEL® Egress Well features a modular system that “stacks” to accommodate your foundation height and add natural daylight to your finished basement. StakWEL features a unique “Grip/Step” design for easy access out of the egress well.

RhinoWell Egress Well

RhinoWells® Egress Well

RhinoWells® Egress Wells and Covers meet basement building codes for below-grade living space egress and features a built-in stair design. The RhinoWells® egress wells are available in two unique colors - Speckled Sandstone and Speckled Granite

StoneWell Egress Well

Stonewells™ Egress Well

Stonewells™ egress wells are fitted with a simulated rock texture that looks and feels like real stone but without large expense. Stonewells™ egress wells also feature built-in-steps that provide easy access out of the basement in case of an emergency.

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