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Exterior Drain Systems

Exterior Drain System

When water pools up on the lawn with nowhere to go, it will eventually seep into the soil. Once in the soil, it can cause the earth to swell up. This puts a lot of pressure on your foundation walls, and may eventually cause your basement walls to lean or bow into your home. Additionally, this moisture in the soil can make its way into your basement environment through wall or floor cracks, through the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor), over the top of the foundation, through leaking basement windows, an so on. Once inside, it can cause expensive damage and eventually lead to serious issues for the structural integrity of a home. Exterior drain systems are needed to put a stop to the problem.

French Drains

To take care of the puddling up of water on the lawn when it rains or when there is melting snow on your property, we can install French drains. These drains are installed in the lowest lying area of the lawn, which makes sense since this is where water is going to build up first. The drains are attached to piping which will lead to the inside of your basement environment and into a sump pump system. This will prevent the moisture from ever coming into contact with the walls, floors, or ceilings in your basement. This is good news if you happen to have this area finished already. It could save you thousands in repairs.

Sometimes, French drains are referred to as exterior drain tile systems. They can also be installed along the footing of your foundation if this is the location where you see water building up the most. It is important to protect your foundation walls so that they don't undergo any heavy damage from the excessive moisture.

Downspout Extensions

Along with installing French drains, we can also install downspout extensions on your rain gutter system. These extensions will help to make sure that water from the gutter doesn't come out through the downspout and simply accumulate next to the foundation wall where it will eventually seep back into the soil. The extension will push the water further out from the home where it won't be able to do any damage.

To learn more about getting an exterior drain system installed at your home, please feel free to give our waterproofing team a call today.

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