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The Force™ Wall Stabilizer

The prospect of having to replace a foundation wall is intimidating when it comes to inconvenience and especially cost. The good news is, you have other options. A number of advancements have been made over the years in the foundation repair industry and we have found the wall stabilizer to be the best system available. In short, it is designed to correct and stabilize bowed or leaning basement walls by literally pushing them back to their original position, and stabilizing them permanently.

The Force™ wall stabilizer works off of an I-beam system and is combined with a special spring- loaded torsion mechanism that strengthens and stabilizes your weakened foundation wall. It's not only strong, but smart, as it automatically adjusts itself based on the pressure being exerted on it from the soil outside. There is no better product on the market when it comes to taking care of this common foundation problem many homeowners face.

About Our Wall Stabilizer System

The Force Bracket Preventing A Bowed Basement Wall

Our wall stabilizer system not only provides a permanent solution to your leaning basement wall problem but the installation process is faster and much less costly than older methods where walls had to be dug out and entirely replaced. The Force wall stabilizer has proven to be a highly effective and dependable way to fix a bowing basement wall problem—regardless of how severe it may seem.

Wall Stabilizer Benefits

  • Patented repair method not offered by others
  • Spring loaded pressure system that is dynamic and self adjusting
  • Permanent solution that will stay in place
  • System that works very well in all types of soil conditions
  • Affordable solution to bowing walls
  • Written warranty on workmanship and materials

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