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Leaky Basement Albright, WV

Leaky Basement in Albright

Some warning signs of a basement leak in Albright are really obvious and others aren't so apparent. Obviously the most obvious indication of water leaking is water all over the place or pools of water on the ground! You might also really hear the water dripping or you may be looking at big unpleasant brown stains spreading across your walls. Sometimes you can even smell the water particularly when it's tainted by sewage or tainted by pesticides. Occasionally leaky water also has the heavy musky smell of fresh earth as water leaking through a bad basement foundation may also be transporting a lot of silt with it.

Wet Basement in Albright, WV

Additionally, there are lots of other hints that you have a wet basement. One indication of a leaky basement which is often just interpreted as aging or fading is the presence of efflorescence. Efflorescence is a deposit of a thin white film on your walls. It's the residue left by water which has minerals along with other effluvia from the earth.

Wetness is of course a large indication that you have a leaky basement but you should also search for other indicators such as rusting nails or metal fixtures, rotting wood near the floor level, rusty metal feet on appliances, raised floor tiles and peeling paint. All of these signs aren't always indicative of a huge catastrophe however it is possibly an indication that your house is suffering some type of leakage during a rainy or wet season.

Do you Have a Leaking Basement in Albright, WV?

Sometimes the leaky basement is not because of some sort of vulnerability in your basement foundation. Sometimes it is brought on by breaks in your water supply lines or plumbing. Even a small seam or crack inside a pipe could cause a large pool of water to build on your basement floor. Another big culprit is sinks and toilets that constantly drip as the result of a loosened joint or loose pipe. Often this type of water collects under a cupboard where the actual plumbing works are concealed.

There is almost always a little bit of leakage around the places where pipes get into the house. This is because of condensation on the pipes creating dew. To prevent this type of water leaking into your home (and first make sure that it isn't the pipe itself that is leaking or your efforts will be futile) you can patch it using a waterproof concrete patch. Keep in mind that this may not prevent the water from developing from behind the walls.

Basement Dehumidifier in Albright, WV

The only thing that may prevent that is the installation of a basement dehumidifer. Dehumidifiers can be an important tool in your struggle against basement moisture and molds but not if the moisture is actually because of water seepage as opposed to water condensation.

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