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Foundation Repair Parkersburg, West Virginia

The Basement Doctor of West Virginia provides professional foundation repair services to homeowners in the Parkersburg area. Almost all houses in Parkersburg may have one of 3 kinds of foundation - a slab, basement or crawl space.

Each of these methods may some day be in need of foundation repair. A slab is created using poured concrete. There is no room between the slab and the household's flooring.

Whenever a foundation is created above the ground, it is called a raised foundation or crawl space foundation due to room underneath the foundation, that can be used to mount mechanical devices and make fixes.

There are recognizeable warning signs that your home is in need of imminent foundation repair. Often your home has:

Foundation Wall Crack & Bowed Wall Repair

We can fix all types of cracks found on foundation walls. Whether you have a small hairline crack, or cracks spanning across the wall, we have effective foundation repair solutions. Our foundation repair system can also prevent basement walls from bowing, and prevent cracks from forming again.

We make use of The Reinforcer ™ carbon fiber system. The Reinforcer™ is a patented revolutionary carbon fiber system and was developed by professional engineers. A combination of space-age polymers and carbon fibers are processed to create a material that provides the perfect solution to wall cracks . The Reinforcer carbon fiber system prevents a wall from any further movement, period.

Once installed, you can paint over the strips and blend them into the existing color palette. The Reinforcer™ is offered exclusively through The Basement Doctor™.

Another solution we offer is The Force™ Wall Stabilizer. The benefits of this system includes:

  • A patented repair method not offered by others
  • A spring loaded pressure system that is dynamic and self adjusting
  • A permanent solution that will stay in place
  • A system that works very well in all types of soil conditions
  • Affordable solution to bowing walls

The Basement Doctor of West Virginia has the skill and experience to perform your your building's foundation repair. The Basement Doctor of West Virginia has an extremely experienced team of technicians that are dedicated to making sure the project gets performed correctly. Contact us today to learn more on how our foundation repair skills can help your family's house in Parkersburg, WV.