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Crawl Space in Athens

Our crawl space company in Athens has a full staff of knowledgeable individuals who feel that putting in a crawl space vapor barrier system isn't rocket science. The installation isn't physically intense. It doesn't matter if you're having our company putting in a superior vapor barrier inside a vented crawl space or doing a total crawl space encapsulation, it just takes a little time, a little patience, and a willingness to crawl around on your palms and knees for a couple of days.

The extremely low cost vapor barriers will do the job but it has been our experience that they break easily, don't stay in one spot, and become breakable and crack after a few years. But, they are inexpensive. The alternative is to spend a bit more at the beginning and buy a product with a twenty five year warranty. The strengthened or woven products require no more time to put in than the cheaper shorter-lived products.

Crawl Space Repair Athens

Do you have a rotting and moist crawl space in Athens? Having crawl space moisture is in fact extremely dangerous for both your residence and your family members. Consider what your residence rests upon. It's your crawl space. If your crawl space problem involves the crawl space's structure rotting, then it is not in a position to hold up as much weight as it really should be able to. This signifies that the weight of your residence is unevenly dispersed over your crawl space.

Over time, this could at some point lead to your home's structure deteriorating or cracking. You might be wondering how your crawl space got so damaged. If you have a crawl space without having a crawl space encapsulation system, then there's a great chance that it is filled with moisture. Over time, moisture can damage the wood and other organic materials in the place beneath your residence. Mold can begin increasing, and wood starts to rot away.

A crawl space in Athens that is not encapsulated also can act as a home for rodents, spiders, bugs, and other unwanted pests. These outdoor critters can also eat away at your home's structure. For instance, some rodents like to eat the wood found beneath your residence. This can also be possibly dangerous for both your family members and your residence, as well. Before you have a huge problem on your hands, think about enabling our crawl space contractor fix your crawl space issues for you.

Our crawl space repair company has several years of experience doing work with destroyed crawl spaces beneath properties. We guarantee that we have the abilities and know-how to fix any crawl space repair concern that comes our way.

Crawl Space Water Control Athens

Our crawl space water control company offers uniquely designed crawl space encapsulation systems for crawlspaces in Athens. The encapsulation systems were built to prevent moisture and groundwater from building up beneath your home. Crawl space water build up can be detrimental to your home's structure since your crawl space is what your home sits on.

Moisture in crawlspaces also causes bad health concerns for your family. After time, the water that builds up in your damaged crawl space in Athens will start the growth of mildew. Not all mildew is dangerous to your health. However, people with preexisting health issues may be more prone to the affects of it. It may lead to breathing issues, headaches, flu-like symptoms, fevers, and a wide variety of other issues.

You might be asking yourself, "what is crawl space encapsulation?" With our crawl space encapsulation solution, we have a solution which permanently seals all crawl space vents. The sealing of vents stops any water from getting inside and leaving you with a moisture-filled crawl space.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-620-8165 or contact us online for much more info about the crawl space repair services that The Basement Doctor of West Virginia offers at low and inexpensive costs.