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Bowing Basement Walls Meads, Kentucky

With regards to bowing basement walls, a lot of home owners in Meads believe that replacement is their sole solution even though there are many options for bowed wall repair. Not only are there several options available, but replacing your foundation walls doesn't essentially handle the root problem. Your foundation walls move around for a range of reasons, which include standing water, failed basement waterproofing systems, and lack of drainage. These problems need to be fixed together with or before other steps are taken.

Bowed Wall Repair in Meads, Kentucky

The Basement Doctor of West Virginia offers many specialized systems for bowed wall repair in Meads. Our repair methods are permanent fixes to bowed walls and can be applied quickly, most in one day.  provides the following bowed wall repair products:

The Reinforcer

The Reinforcer is a carbon fiber foundation repair system foundation repair system which is ten times stronger than steel. It is a carbon fiber repair system which is affordable and effective. You can now have your basement walls strengthened and stabilized using a simple, practical, and attractive material.

Steel Wall Supports in Meads, KY

The repair process for leveling a house's concrete foundation usually involves underpinning the slab making use of steel wall supports . The steel supports will be bolted to the bowed walls and the sub floor and will over time push the walls back to their starting position.

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